Virtual Seminar for Homeowners, Architects, Students of Architecture, Builders and Developers

The Theory and Application of the Principles of Vastu Design

Ancient Indian Architectural traditions hold that a building is a living organism and can be designed in harmonic resonance with the underlying energy structure of the universe. Such a building becomes a generator of coherence, attuning the occupants to the universal laws and increasing health, wealth and spiritual well being.

Michael Borden has a Masters degree in Architecture. He has studied the science of Vastu Architecture in India with Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, one of India’s most renowned temple architects. Mr. Borden is a member of the Vastu Vedic Research Foundation and has designed and built several buildings that conform to the principles of (Sthapatya) Vedic or Vastu Architecture. This seminar is presented online with weekly updates to the question forum.

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