Feng Shui & Vastu Design

VastuVed Design has been described as the Indian feng shui. Certainly there are elements which are similar. The positive influence of building geometry and layout is an excellent environment for a home or office.

This Indian art of placement, translated as "dwelling science" creates positive energy in home or commercial buildings.

Michael Bordon is a consultant who provides architectural design services. Michael Bordon not only designs vaastu shastra homes and commercial buildings in accordance with vastuved, but provides an online seminar suitable for the beginner -- a virtual course, which explains the basics, the principles, and provides tips.

In addition, he provides the complete book by his master, Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, Building Architecture of Stahapatya Veda.

You can reach Michael Borden at: (641) 472-2157 USA or Email: VastuVed@gmail.com